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Fredrik Floen (B. in Bergen, 1988. Oslo based.) I work in the field of experimental clothing and costumes, through a range of different media and formats such as textile, hair, performance, drawing, and sculpture. The work is a depressive gay man's world, a colorful maximalistic visual overload. The works are motivated by Self-sabotage, human error, visual culture, and maximalism as an artistic strategy. Flamboyant reactions to different apparatuses and create my own, searching for new forms and dramaturgy. I like to place my work in the intersection between experimental fashion and costume design. Placing and discussing experimental cloths outside a capitalistic production platform, with the possibility of discussing, imagining, and creating new forms, silhouettes, and ideas. Collaborates with Runa Borch Skolseg as CEO of Dionysian Corporation, a global concern, a fashion house, a publishing house, and a family business, with work that centers around clothes as language and language as clothes. 


As an artist, I am interested in the meeting point between fiction, clothing, fashion, and performance, and ask about their interwoven relationship with capitalism. My work challenges the status quo, and tries to disrupt the pervasive narratives within fashion and clothing as a starting point. With inspiration from the avant-garde ethos of the performing arts, I aim to recreate fashion as a tool for independent expression, social activism, and world-building. Through critical inquiry and interdisciplinary exploration, I hope to uncover the complexities of consumer culture, promote dialogue, and trigger strategies that challenge the context and heading of liberal late-stage capitalism. My artistic journey is a quest for transformation, invites introspection, and envisions a more just and conscientious future.

I have in recent years been in touch with Nationaltheater Mannheim, Hotel Pro Forma, Otta Kulturhus, Palais de Tokyo, School of The Arts Institute Chicago, Munch Museet, Black Box Theater, Ibsenfestivalen, The Norwegian Opera, Scene: Bluss, Fruholmen Fyr, The Norwegian Opra v/Trond Reinholdsen, Turteatern v/Marie Nikazm Bakken, Vinge/Müller & Ingri Fiksdal. 



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