Fredrik Floen (1988, Bergen Norway,) is a Norwegian costume designer who presents his work in a range of different theatrical contexts. Fredrik graduated from Oslo Academy of the Arts spring 2017, with a MA in Desing, fashion and costume specialisation. Former education in Fashion and production design and theatre studies. 

His artistic practice is circling around the theatrical, assortative, challenging, unfinished, fantasy and maximalism working with new ways of approaching identity, future, body(culture) and co-existence. 

Fredrik has in the recent years been in touch with Nationaltheater Mannheim, Hotel Pro Forma, Otta Kulturhus, Palais de Tokyo, School of The Arts Institute Chicago, Munch Museet, Black Box Theater, Ibsenfestivalen, The Norwegian Opera, Scene: Bluss, Fruholmen Fyr, The Norwegian Opra v/Trond Reinholdsen, Turteatern v/Marie Nikazm Bakken, Vinge/Müller & Ingri Fiksdal. 


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